O/A level exams to proceed as scheduled in Pakistan: Shafqat Mehmood

ISLAMABAD: Federal Education Minister Shafqat Mahmood has announced that O and AS/A Level examinations in Pakistan will proceed as announced, describing the decision as a “unanimous and final one”.

Shafqat Mahmood was addressing parents and students scheduled to sit for the Cambridge International Examinations in a press conference today (Tuesday).  

The minister said that — given the comparatively lower number of students impacted, and the fact that the government has no authority over the Cambridge examinations board — health and education officials from all four provinces unanimously decided that there would be no change in the O and AS/A Level exams.

“It was unanimously recommended to allow these exams to go forward as planned. This is because this concerns a significantly smaller number of students,” he said, adding that Cambridge International had assured the implementation of SOPs.

He also dispelled the notion that Cambridge exams were not being held in other countries in the region. “Apart from Bangladesh, exams are being held in India, Sri Lanka, Nepal and others,” he added.

“I want to repeat this, exams for A and O level will be held and will be done according to the date sheet there will be no change in this. Therefore, students should prepare for their exams and not be distracted,” he concluded.