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Netizens demand ban on Nida Yasir’s show after airing typical ‘bahu hunt’ content

Nida Yasir’s show clips were also shared on different other social media (Online)

Nida Yasir has made many headlines due to her controversial statements in her morning show.

The actress turned host once again did it again by hosting a problematic and controversial Saas Bahu content on her morning show. The host invited real-life mothers-in-law and daughters-in-law and had a debate between them overwork and etiquette.

As expected, her show was not well received by the audience and a famous social media celebrity Kanwal Ahmed decided to address her problematic content. “Nida Yasir just topped her own problematic af standards on this show where she invited saas bahus to complain about each other. Like here, a saas claims she hired a marriage bureau to find her a ‘perfect’ bahu who is educated BUT MUST stay home – only to discover she’s ‘phuar’.”

Since the video has gone viral, Nida Yasir faced fierce criticism on social media and many social media users have demanded a ban on Yasir’s morning show.

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