National Assembly passes services chiefs’ tenure bill

ISLAMABAD: During a lower house session, the National Assembly on Tuesday passed bills formalizing tenures of service chiefs.
Prime Minister Imran Khan made an early appearance in the lower house when three proposed amendments were passed by the assembly to formalize the tenures of the heads of the army, navy and air force.

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Before the start of the vote, Minister of Defense Pervaiz Khattak took the floor to request the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) to take back the amendments and it suggested the bills, saying that he was making the request “keeping regional and national security situations in mind.”
Naveed Qamar, who spoke on behalf of the PPP in response to Khattak’s request, stated that the amendments were proposed to improve the bills, but the party had decided to withdraw them after being approached by a government delegation and consulting with the rest of the opposition.
Earlier, Prime Imran Khan arrived at the NA before the vote to services chiefs’ tenure bill, there was also a parliamentary group meeting of the PML-N. While earlier, a government delegation met PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari in his chamber in the National Assembly to seek support for the bill.
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