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Services chiefs

National Assembly passes services chiefs’ tenure bill

ISLAMABAD: During a lower house session, the National Assembly on Tuesday passed bills formalizing tenures of service chiefs. Prime Minister Imran Khan made an early appearance in the lower house when three proposed amendments were passed by the assembly to

PM arrives in NA to vote on services chiefs’ tenure bill

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan arrived in Parliament on Tuesday as the National Assembly session began to debate and vote on amendments to a bill on appointment of service chiefs. Prime Imran Khan arrived at the NA before the vote

Services chiefs’ tenure bills to be debated in NA today

ISLAMABAD: The National Assembly on Tuesday is set to vote on the three parliamentary bills on the appointment of service chiefs and chairman of the joint chief of staff committee after they were approved for a second time by the

Extension tenure in the armed forces of Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: So far in Pakistan, seven army chiefs have been granted extensions to-date, there is one air chief marshal who secured extension and five naval chiefs also received extensions in the country’s 72-year history. While talking to the media Air