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Mental health during lockdown

A man in Karachi committed suicide after he developed coronavirus symptoms and fear of losing his job due to the lockdown. He was the sole breadwinner for his family but was forced to go into isolation and eventually took his own life. The pandemic is not affecting our lives but is having a profound effect on our mental health.
A similar incident happened in India where a man jumped from a seven-storey building after being infected with the virus. In Germany, a state minister apparently committed suicide after being deeply worried over how to cope with the economic fallout from the coronavirus. Many psychologists have warned that it is more likely that people will suffer mental health problems during the lockdown.
The WHO has warned that restrictive measures imposed by many countries to contain the outbreak can have a negative impact on people’s mental health and well-being. As people stay at home, isolation, physical distancing, closure of schools and workplaces is causing stress, anxiety, fear and loneliness. It is important to consider the effect of the pandemic and provide psychological support to the public.
Many people are increasingly under stress over fear of contracting the virus due to a lack of testing or diagnosis. A lot of people are not being tested and cannot know if they have the coronavirus or not. This is also having an effect on their mental wellbeing. It is imperative to provide counseling or online consultations and deliver psychological care and therapy during the pandemic.
The mental health of children has also been negatively affected by the pandemic as schools are closed and their daily routine has been affected. Children no longer have the usual discipline and structure in their lives and are likely to be experiencing worry, anxiety and fear. The stigma that is attached to the virus is also very concerning and should be addressed by health and local authorities.
While close contact with friends and family, physical exercise and other routines have been affected by the lockdown, there are many activities people can do look after themselves and those around them. It is normal to feel stressed or confused during the crisis and people should maintain a healthy lifestyle, diet, sleep and exercise during the lockdown.
The coronavirus pandemic is affecting us psychologically as people are worried about the impact of the disease on themselves, their families and friends. There is also a fear of dying or receiving medications. It is more likely that people will suffer from mental problems. Therefore, is necessary that we should take care of our mental wellbeing and also support those around us.
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