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Mehar Bano calls out those offended by what a woman does with her body

Renowned actress Mehar Bano known for her amazing acting in ‘Churails’ has called out people who are offended by what a woman does with her body.

Mehar Bano, whose statement on homosexuality from last year’s Aurat March had drawn severe criticism on social media. She recently posted a story on Instagram and wrote it’s hilarious how people have villianised Mujra when it was created by Muslims themselves. 

According to Bano, she finds it hilarious how everyone’s villianised the very difficult art form that is Mujra as it is a dance form that was created by Muslims of the subcontinent. “If that hurts your feeling it’s because you want to have the last word on what an autonomous female does with her body,” she asserted.

However, in no time she received immense criticism over the Instagram story:


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