Living near a park is great for mental health: Study

LONDON: A new study suggests that living inside 300 meters of urban green space, such as parks, has a positive influence on mental well-being.
The data collected from the UK government’s Annual Population Survey (APS), showed that people who live within 300 metres of green space have significantly better mental well-being.
The author of the report Victoria Houlden said, “A lot of research focuses on poor mental health or single aspects of well-being like life satisfaction.”
She added that, “What makes our work different is the way we consider multi-dimensional mental well-being in terms of happiness, life satisfaction and worth.”
The study showed a strong relationship between the amount of green space around a person’s home and their feelings of life satisfaction, happiness, and self-worth.
By combining advanced statistical and mapping methods, the study has shown the effect of parks is real and substantial.
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