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Land occupation in Islamabad suburb area unresolved

ISLAMABAD: The occupation of lands in a suburb area of Malot remains unresolved despite notice being taken by the Inspector General Police.
It has been revealed that a bogus First Information Report (FIR) has been registered on the occupation of Naseer Shah’s lands and the matter has been brushed aside. Case No 92/20 was lodged at the Bani Gala whereas the Revenue Department has not even identified the land.
Police have been deferring identifying the land and a complaint was filed with Superintendent Police on 9th June. No action was taken for over sixteen days while on 3rd July tehsildar Ali Javed once again deferred the mater.
No further date has been identified raising doubts over the performance of the institutions. The affectees have said that an unofficial assistant of a patwari (revenue officer) cannot take testimonies in their home. They said the matter has been suppressed despite IGP Islamabad taking notice.
SHO Bani Gala and investigation officer Talib Hussain has been unnecessarily delaying the matter. The IGP Islamabad has been urged to take notice of the slow pace and resolve the issue. The affectee has urged ICP Punjab to inquire over the matter and suspend those responsible for the delay.
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