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Kubra Khan recalls how body-shaming shattered her confidence

Kubra Khan is one of the top-notch actresses of Pakistan (Reviewpk)

Actress Kubra Khan has shared multiple horrific stories related to her health issues and how she became the victim of body shaming.

Kubra Khan recently appeared in an interview where she addressed many personal issues she has gone through this year and in the past. The Sinf-e-Aahan actress shed how she faced a major cancer scare in January this year. Kubra Khan was diagnosed with a lump that required immediate operation before it turned into something dangerous and life-threatening.

Post recovery, Kubra was supposed to keep herself hydrated and avoid any sort of diet which led her to gain weight from emotional eating. Kubra shared that after undergoing surgeries she gained some weight and everyone started making fun of her because of the weight she gained.

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Kubra added that no one knew what she had been through in the battle she won, people were only interested in humiliating her because of her weight.  The Sang-e-Mar Mar actor explained how all of this shattered her confidence and made her feel smaller than a particle of dust, making her ignore her doctor’s orders to avoid exercise and dieting during her post-op recovery period.

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