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Its official: Jannat Mirza confirms her ‘Baat Pakki’ with Umar Butt

Much rumoured engagement of Pakistani TikTok star Jannat Mirza has been finally official as she recently confirmed the news of her ‘Baat Pakki’ with fellow TikTok star Umar Butt.

Jannat Mirza, who is the most followed Pakistani celebrity on TikTok with over 15 million followers, confirmed her ‘Baat Pakki’ with Umar days after reports of their engagement. Talking to a private news agency, she expressed, “By the grace of Allah, ‘baat pakki’ of me and Umar has happened, however, an official engagement ceremony has not yet taken place.”

She further said, “Whenever our engagement ceremony happens, I will share the good news with everyone.” There were rumours gushing all over the internet that Jannat Mirza and Umar are engaged after her comment on the Instagram post went viral.

Jannat Mirza recently opened up about her marriage and engagement. When one of her followers asked her about her marital status that is she engaged or it’s just her ‘baat pakki’? To which Jannat replied ‘BP’ as in ‘baat pakki’.

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Later on, her family also confirmed the news of her ‘Baat Pakki’. According to family sources with knowledge of the matter, Jannat and fellow TikToker Umer Butt got engaged.  Jannat Mirza apart from being a TikToker has also become a model who is often seen posing as a model in bridal photoshoots. 

Famous for her Bollywood lip-syncs and slow-motion transformations, Mirza captivates the audience with her parodies, making professionals from the industry reach out to her with modeling and acting contracts.




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