Indians have smaller brains compared to everyone else

Indians have smaller brains compared to everyone else
HYDERABAD: A study conducted by researchers from the International Institute of Information Technology (IIIT) stated India has some of the smallest brains in the world.
The study found that there is a significant difference in the shape and size of the brain between Indians, Chinese, Koreans, and Caucasians.
In fact, the brain size of Indians is smaller in height, width, and volume in comparison with the western and other eastern populations.

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The researchers recruited 100 young, healthy Indian adults, 50 female, and 50 male, aged 21 to 30 years and developed the Indian atlas from their brain scans.
A brain atlas is a map of the brain that can be used to measure brain abnormalities.

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The researchers will take the help of these brain scans and try deciphering the mysteries for solving incurable brain-related problems like Alzheimer’s and dementia as they are connected to the occurrences in the hippocampus.
The Indian brain, when compared with Chinese and Korean, is similar in length but, significantly smaller in height and width.
However, the research does not reveal the functional dissimilarities in these populations due to the brain size deviations.

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