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Indian actor Kamal R. Khan confesses Quaid-e-Azam was right about two nation theory

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Indian actor and writer Kamal Rashid Khan have confessed that Quaid-e-Azam was right about the two-nation theory as the Muslims in India will have to prove themselves for the rest of their life.

The 46-years-old took his Twitter account to show his concern on the matter of greetings Hindu-Muslim exchange on their festivities. As he wrote, “I didn’t see any Hindu celeb praying Eid Namaz. Now they don’t even wish on Eid. But Muslim celebs are playing Holi, doing Ganpati Visarjan, doing puja etc.”

Moreover, Kamal R. Khan agrees with the statement of Muhammad Ali Jinnah he made 70 years ago, by saying that, “Means Jinnah was right that whoever Muslim will live in India, he will spend rest of his life to prove himself Deshbhakt.”

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Earlier the Hindu community celebrated the religious festival of Diwali all over the world, including Pakistan and India. Pakistani artists, celebrities, and Prime Minister Imran Khan also wished the community on their festive occasion.

Meanwhile, every minority in Pakistan, including Hindus, is allowed to celebrate their festivals with full vigor. Like every year, in 2021 too, the Hindu community was seen sharing the joys of Diwali with each other.