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India sponsors Islamophobia

Prime Minister Imran Khan addressed the UN General Assembly, highlighting a range of issues from the Kashmir dispute and Islamophobia as he unleashed a scathing criticism of the Modi government.

The pre-recorded speech delivered to the coronavirus crisis was not close to fiery speech the prime minister delivered last year. But the message was crystal clear – there can be no durable peace and stability in the region until the Kashmir dispute is not resolved.

He stated that Kashmir has been rightly described as a nuclear flashpoint, warning the world that India was planning another misadventure in a nuclearised environment as he urged the UN to play its role in preventing the conflict which can jeopardise the entire region. For peace to prevail, the prime minister said India must rescind the unilateral measures in Kashmir and stop the military siege and gross human rights violations.

The prime minister went a diatribe against the Modi government, stating that India is the only state in the world that promotes Islamophobia due to the fascist RSS ideology which believes that India is only for Hindus. This has isolated 300 million Muslims and other minorities and marginalisation often lead to radicalisation. The RSS-led racist regime has also eroded the secular nature of the state which will not auger well for the future of the state.

The prime minister highlighted the grave human rights violations in occupied Kashmir, calling on the international community to investigate these atrocities and prosecute Indian civil and military leaders involved in state terrorism and crimes against humanity. India was not pleased with the truth being spoken and its envoy walked out of the session.

PM Imran Khan has frequently criticised the Modi government’s decision to scrap the autonomous status of Kashmir. The issue is now being vehemently presented at global forums in front of the world. The people of Kashmir will never submit to Indian occupation and occupation as their struggle is for a just cause and have laid down their lives.

It needs to be seen if PM’s speech will have any credible effect and others will call out India for being a sponsor of hatred and prejudice against Muslims and promoting Islamophobia. India is been denounced for its move to control Kashmir which is a battle it is destined to lose.

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