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India on the brink

India has reached a tipping point as violence has spilled over the streets against the contentious citizenship law and the fascist Hindutva policies. As widely predicted but largely ignored, Muslims have been worst victims and faced the biggest brunt of mob violence.
The supporters of the Citizenship Amendment Act clashed with opponents in the Indian capital New Delhi. The death toll has reached 24 as Muslims neighbourhoods were attacked forcing them to flee their homes. A mosque was vandalised and set on fire by Hindu mobs that hoisted a saffron flag from the minaret with the ‘Jai Shree Ram’ inscription, a banner associated with Hindutva groups. Police looked the other away as shops were pelted with stones and more structures were set ablaze.
 The situation remains tense as Muslim areas remain sensitive targets. The viral photo of a Muslim man being mercilessly beaten by a Hindu mob encapsulates the current scenario in India. Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, whose party recently defeated BJP, seemed the only voice of reason calling for calm and urged to maintain peace.
The violence was triggered after a BJP lawmaker threatened protesters to end their sit-in which has been ongoing for the past two months. This was the spark that eventually ticked off the mob but the situation had been building for quite some time before it eventually erupted. The ruling BJP has been eroding the secular values ever since it came into power and the situation has spiraled out of control.
India seems to be heading towards a genocide that will largely target Muslims. BJP lawmakers have spewed hatred saying Muslims have done no favour to India and should have left for Pakistan. Modi was responsible for the Gujrat riots, and now as prime minister, he seems to repeat the same across the country. The international media has labeled the riots as the return of the Gujrat model.
US President Donald Trump arrived in India on the eve of the protests but made no mention of the divisive policies. Ironically, he praised Modi for giving space to religious harmony. The global community seems to have lost its conscience and remains oblivious to India’s policies despite the adverse consequences.
The bias of the BJP against Muslims has been known and remains exposed even more now. Democratic and religious freedoms have remained under threat, but now even the lives and properties of Muslims in India are not safe. The global community should wake up from its deep slumber and take action before the situation gets beyond control.
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