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India, not interested in diplomacy over Kashmir: Masood Khan

ISLAMABAD: President Azad Jammu & Kashmir Masood Khan has said that diplomatic processes in Kashmir are not being supported by New Delhi.

The President of AJK made these comments while speaking at the Margalla Dialogue 2019 organized by the Islamabad Policy and Research Institute on “Peace and Development in South Asia, Middle East, Central Asia”.

Lamenting the criminal silence of global powers, Sardar Masood Khan said that India has taken a series of steps on August 5 by annexing, separating and colonizing the disputed territory of IOK. They are also recklessly determined on changing the religious character of the territory. India’s Hindutva policy is not limited to Kashmir but instead, they deprived 1.9 million Muslims of their voting rights in Assam and Indian Supreme Court gave a prejudiced verdict to build a Ram Temple on the demolished site of the Babri Mosque.

“India will continue such steps and adopt further similar measures. Make
no mistake about that!” said Masood Khan.

President AJK went to say that India has also threatened to ‘take back’ Azad Jammu Kashmir and use nuclear weapons against Pakistan. A war between Pakistan and India will lead to a war that could spiral into a nuclear war.

India has been using this strategy since long, as evident from the FATF, the Security Council, the 1267 Committee and the conditions that India supports International financial institutions to attach to the economic bailouts given to Pakistan said Sardar Masood Khan.

“The unarmed and peaceful Kashmiris are being pushed to the wall and the seething anger brewing in the young Kashmiris may lead to armed resistance for defending themselves”, he said.

The President said that we will continue our international outreach to multilateral organizations, international media, civil society, world parliaments and consolidate support for the new narrative emerging on Kashmir. With the exception of the UN Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, the conduct of the UN Security Council and the UN General Assembly has been highly disappointing. Diplomatic processes in any form over Kashmir are not being supported by India, he said.

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