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India approves new laws for Kashmir

India has intensified efforts to eradicate the Muslim-majority identity of illegally annexed Kashmir. In another move, the fascist government of Narendra Modi has approved the adoption of 37 central laws that were not previously applicable to occupied Jammu and Kashmir.
The Indian government approved the decisions for the application of Indian laws in the concurrent list to eliminate the majority of Muslims in occupied Kashmir. Indian citizens can now buy land and acquire property in Kashmir under the Restoration and Settlement Act. The Indian Code of Civil Procedure 1908, Indian Penal Code 1860, Representation of People Act 1950, Census act 1948, the Criminal Constitution Act 1973, and Prevention of Corruption Act 1988 were among the laws which will be applicable in occupied Kashmir now onwards.
In the presence of Article 370 and 35A with regard to the special status of Kashmir, Indian laws were not applicable in the restive valley until the Indian government abolished them on August 5, 2019. Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh have been merged with India after the Jammu and Kashmir Act 2019. Under Section 96 of Jammu and Kashmir Act 2019, the Indian government now has the authority to amend or repeal rules.
A curfew has been imposed in occupied Kashmir since the Indian government revoked the special status last year. People are facing severe food and medicine shortages due to the worst military siege.  The people of Kashmir have become hostages in the territory for more than six months. Kashmir leaders are under arrest and all means of communication are closed.
India’s state terrorism is exposed in front of the world. The threat of insurgency within India has been increasing since the introduction of the controversial Citizenship Amendment Act. The situation has become even worse as no effective progress has been made by the international community against Indian aggression. Instead of controlling the insurgency, the Indian government is bent on enslaving the people of Kashmir and all the emphasis is on establishing domination over Kashmir’s land. The brave people of Kashmir stand firm in the face of oppression.
Pakistan’s concerns about Kashmir and the Indian steps towards eliminating the Muslim majority are right. India’s contentious measures are pushing the region into a ditch. The global community should play a leading role against the illegal occupation of Kashmir and brutal and contentious measures so that another major tragedy can be averted.
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