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Independent citizens of Pakistan

Albert Arooj Bhatti

It was almost four o’clock in the night and not a single vehicle was on the road. On the empty road, we were waiting for the signal to go green, and I was continuously laughing in the car. On the other hand, my friend sitting on the driving seat was annoyed by my laughter.
This incident took place in United Arab Emirates a few years ago as we were returning to Dubai from the beach of Fujairah after celebrating the weekend.
On the way back, when my friend stopped the car on the red light of the signal at an empty road, suddenly thoughts of Pakistan’s roads and ruthless traffic came into my mind. Pakistan is an independent country where almost every citizen considers themselves free from any kind of law.
In Pakistan, thanks to China, motorcycles have become cheap and affordable. Today, in every corner of Pakistan children, old, young and now even women are riding motorcycles. As a convenience, this cheap ride has made our lives a lot easier. Due to installments, citizens can now easily buy motorcycles.
Everything has its pros and cons and motorcycles too. If we look at some statistics, road accidents have caused more casualties than the victims of terrorism.  Nowadays, children less than 18 years ride motorcycles and increased the risk of other lives. 60 percent of motorcyclists in Pakistan do not have a license.
In a civilized country other than Pakistan, you cannot cross the road on your own, while breaking the law in Pakistan is considered an honor.
The reason to laugh while sitting in the friend’s car was that in Pakistan he used to feel insulted, even putting number plates on his vehicles and feels glad after breaking signals in Pakistan.
All the nationals of Pakistan respect the laws abroad so why not in Pakistan. There was a dire need for strict laws like other countries. Freedom does not mean material independence, nor this country been created for such freedom.
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