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Imran won’t be blackmailed

Zahid Awan

The writer is an entrepreneur and a senior politician.

Pakistan has had a tumultuous history full of instability and even deception. The country has seen many ups and down in its 74-year-old history. We have seen how democratically-elected governments have been dethroned and an elected prime minister sent to the gallows. As the saying goes ‘Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. We have had leaders drunk with power and others have power snatched from them.

For the first time in the history of our nation, we have a leader who has never compromised on his principles. Imran Khan will be remembered in Pakistan’s politics as a shining example. During his 22-year-old political struggle, he has never looked back and remained steadfast. Today when he is in power, there have repeated attempts to weaken or bring him down. But he is undeterred and is remains determined to achieve the goals which he set out for. Imran Khan is the last hope for the people if we want to build a great nation.

Ever since Imran Khan came to power, there have been all sorts of conspiracies and attempts to bring him down.

The opponents have played even rule in the gamebook to thwart his plans and bring down, either by claims of mismanagement and rumour-mongering   But the Captain maintained the spirit of the game and refuses to quit. He has rescued the nation from economic hardship and the scourge of terrorism without accepting any pressure. Today Pakistan has become a force to be reckoned with and is playing a leading role in many global issues.

Opposition parties have resorted to their routine tactics to blackmail the government. They have made all attempts to pressurize the prime minister but he refuses to budge. The opponents have no agenda against him. They just want to safeguard their corruption and regain their lost power. When all failed, they have embarked on a mission to topple him by hook or crook. They seemed to be living in their disillusions to believe their nefarious designs will succeed.

The government has been tarnished by the sugar scandal and the recent Ring Road scam. However, the prime minister has vowed to continue to accountability process irrespective of who is involved. We saw the historic moment when he conducted enquires against his own allies and ministers. This is the first time the government has lodged cases against their own people. It is unfortunate that those whom he trusted are now attempting to blackmail their own leader.

There have been new pressure tactics against the prime minister. Either by forming splinter groups of factions in parliament or the threat of toppling the government. Imran Khan does not differentiate between foes and friends. Any attempt to bring him down or blackmail him will fail. At the end of the day, Imran Khan will be the last man standing.

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