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Imran strikes back

Prime Minister Imran Khan has hit back at his political opponents who have been slandering state institutions for the past few weeks.

The opposition had formed an alliance and is holding rallies and protests nationwide and his biggest political rival, Nawaz Sharif, is back in active politics. Imran Khan is furious that Sharif left the country, calling him a “coward” and a “jackal” and vowing to bring him back.

At a convention of the Tiger Force, which turned into a political gathering of its own, the prime minister challenged Nawaz Sharif to return and he will be thrown into jail. He lashed out for the PML-N supremo for his harsh criticism of the military leadership. The mainstream media may not have been allowed to broadcast Sharif’s speech but it quickly went viral on social media.

The army has made tremendous sacrifices to maintain peace and security in the country. This was the message which the prime minister was trying to deliver. He reminded that twenty security personnel were martyred within one day in terror attacks. Had it not been for the army, Pakistan’s situation would be like Iraq, Yemen or Libya or other failed nations.

Nawaz Sharif is still furious that he was dismissed as prime minister and has been disqualified from holding public office. After silence for a few months, he is now on a mission to not just bring back his own government but also take vengeance against those he blames for toppling his government. The personal attacks and offensive language against the military leadership will not be tolerated by the government.

The prime minister said the army is attempting to create a rift between the army and his government which can create chaos and anarchy. It is an unusual sight to see the entire opposition create an alliance to not just bring down Imran Khan’s government but also to openly criticise state institutions.

The opposition claims that it want to restore real democracy in the country, while the government said the political leaders just to protect their wealth and safeguard their corruption. Political activities have been revived but it needs to be seen if this will lead to any real change.

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