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I’m chubby and happy like this who are you to shame me: Mathira slams haters

Actress Mathira has slammed people for body-shaming her by saying she is so tired of people saying that has done implants.

She uploaded a story on her Instagram in which she admitted that she is chubby and happy the way she is and how she is. She also asked people who are they to shame her over her body and advised them to focus on their own selves.

‘I’m so tired of people saying why I have done implants and all seriously it’s a shame I have hormonal imbalances issue,” she said by adding, “Stop it if I do surgeries I will certainly own up I have put on weight but please stop this nonsense of calling me plastic.”

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Mathira recently opened up about peace in life, family, friends, and health in a recent web show. She said that we focus on many things but we do not focus on humanity. “If we focus on humanity, then understand that God is pleased, Allah dwells in everyone’s heart, ” Mathira added.

She said that she started with a small channel. “I was nothing at the time. An insult from one person made me famous,” she added.