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Drama ‘Oye Motti’ draws outrage for promoting body-shaming

Looks like the latest Pakistani drama ‘Oye Motti’ has officially given a platform to body-shame people by mocking plus-size women openly. In an era, where dramas and shows should highlight how body and fat-shaming affect people, the promo of the

I’m chubby and happy like this who are you to shame me: Mathira slams haters

Actress Mathira has slammed people for body-shaming her by saying she is so tired of people saying that has done implants. She uploaded a story on her Instagram in which she admitted that she is chubby and happy the way

Social media users slam girl suggesting fashion brand should feature slim models

Body shaming is indeed a global problem, however, the West has somehow started accepting it but being a plus-size woman in Pakistan is still a challenge that makes people ashamed of their bodies. Recently, a renowned fashion brand Khaadi introduced

Agha Ali responds to criticism over body-shaming comments

Actor Agha Ali has finally responded to the criticism he has been facing after making controversial comments on body shaming on a live morning show. The Khoob Seerat actor and his wife Hina Altaf recently made an appearance on a