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An insult from one person made me famous: Mathira on starting with a small channel

Actress Mathira has opened up about peace in life, family, friends, and health in a recent web show.

In an interview with a host, the actress shared that peace in life is not in money, family, friends, and health but it is in mind. 

She said that we focus on many things but we do not focus on humanity. “If we focus on humanity, then understand that God is pleased, Allah dwells in everyone’s heart, ” Mathira added.

She revealed that everyone judges someone in Pakistan who does not get anything, he starts judging others, she added. “I come from a family that is foody. But I on other hand am not, I like food simple food like lentils with rice,” she said.

Upon being asked at what age she fell in love, Mathira shared that she made the mistake of falling in love, at first sight, was at the age of 16. She said that Humayun Saeed and  Shaan are good actors. “Humayun Saeed fits in the romantic scene, they are real heroes,” she claimed.

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Referring to self-criticism, she said that if there is too much on social media, it becomes a curse. “Everything should be balanced, we should not start trolling everyone,” Mathira said. She said that she would give advice to Prime Minister Imran Khan ‘ghabrana hai’ (Stay nervous). “We are also nervous, you so should you (PM Imran Khan),” she added.

The actress said that she is a big fan of Benazir Bhutto. “The era of Musharraf and Asif Ali Zardari was better,” she said by adding, “Nowadays, I like Bilawal.” She said that she started with a small channel. “I was nothing at the time. An insult from one person made me famous,” she added.