Nawaz Sharif to receive blood donation by NAB

LHC to hear plea of Nawaz Sharif’s ECL issue today
ISLAMABAD: At least five officials of the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) have decided to donate blood to ill former prime minister Nawaz Sharif.
The sources have revealed that the cross-matching of the NAB officials’ blood has been performed. The blood group of the former prime minister is O-positive.
Nawaz Sharif was admitted to the hospital from the NAB Lahore detention centre on Monday night after his platelet count dropped to a precariously low level and health condition suddenly deteriorated.
Sources previously informed, “The physicians have injected three mega units of platelets to Nawaz Sharif, which gradually hiked the cell count to 18,000.” 
Medical board’s Head Professor Dr. Mahmood Ayyaz said that the number of platelets in Nawaz’s body had dropped to 10,000.
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He said that some of Nawaz’s test results were satisfactory and some were critical.
Sources further mentioned that Nawaz’s condition was still not completely out of danger, but he was recovering fast.
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