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Future of Liberal Democracy and China

Riyatullah Farooqui

The writer is a senior journalist.

American intelligence itself has acknowledged the defeat in Afghanistan. Even White House spokeswoman Jane Sackie used diplomatic language to say, “You can’t call it a victory.” What happens when someone doesn’t win? Even a primary school child knows the answer to this question.

This defeat has become difficult to digest only for our native liberals and unfortunately, no medicine is effective for such people. The tragedy that captures the political spirit of our native liberal is that the United States and its “liberal democracy” are rapidly declining. Thus, the very existence of the ideology for which they were being at stake.

The American media itself is now gradually debating what the “Chinese model” will look like as a new world order. This argument is sticking out because the people who are running the ‘democratic system’ have failed to meet the challenges.

Who can deny that during a global crisis like the coronavirus, the so-called ‘world-power United States could not help even its closest European allies? And what is even more shameful is that even Europe itself could not stop its own 600,000 citizens from dying.

Isn’t it surprising that the world’s most developed country became “democrazy” instead of democracy during this crisis? On the other hand, the situation in China, the country where the virus was first discovered, is such that it has declined from number one in the list of victims to number 107 today.  This is the same China about which the United States and its allies have been propagating for seventy years that its system is extremely harmful to human beings.

Guess what, the country with a “harmful and vile system” has done the most against COVID-19, and the world’s most sacred system, “Democrazy”, failed miserably against the pandemic. Just look at the list of the world’s top ten corona-affected countries. With the exception of India and Brazil, all the developed countries are there. Get rid of this epidemic in terms of health.

Even in the fields of education, science and technology, economics and social development, China’s “poor system” has developed its country at such a pace over a period of forty years that it has been called a “miracle” by Western experts. International organizations reported that in just 40 years, China’s economy has grown 90 percent.

The question is, how did China’s “crappy” system perform this miracle? The answer lies in the last half of the seventies. In Mao Zedong’s barbaric Cultural Revolution, science and higher education were also banned. After Mao’s death, the Gang of Four tried to continue this ban but it soon came to an end.

Later, the most unparalleled mastermind of the twentieth century, Deng Xiaoping, was brought back to the forefront and given the leadership of China. Deng did remarkably well by immediately reviving the higher education sector and taking direct control of it.  Deng immediately called for the best 32 Chinese scientific minds and asked them for suggestions for progress in the field of science and technology. In light of these suggestions, the higher education system was urgently restored.

After the restoration of higher education, teachers and scientists who were hiding due to the fear of Mao Zedong returned. Universities were established and a new generation of Chinese engineers and scientists began to emerge. The same generation that created today’s modern China. At the same time, Deng Xiaoping took one step economically and another politically.

His economic move was that he established four special economic zones in China, opening the door for foreign investment there. When a communist country saw the foundation of the capitalist economic system, it sent a positive message to the world. But later it was changed to a socialist economic system, to prevent capital from being confined to a few hands. For foreign investment, Deng stipulated that a foreign investor could not own a business alone in China, but would have to partner with a local businessman.

While Ding took a political step also, he offered the United States a political alliance against the Soviet Union, and kept it political, not militarized, which was itself a deliberate move. Thus, a large country like China on the Soviet border became the need of the United States. With this card, Deng thwarted America’s best conspiracy against his country.

With the Soviet Union’s withdrawal from Afghanistan, the United States tried to start a “democratic revolution” in China by staging the Tiananmen Square incident, but Deng crushed it with an iron fist. With the fall of the Soviet Union, the time of Deng’s retirement came. But before retiring, he had finalized the matter of returning to Hong Kong with UK.

Now Jiang Zemin was the new leader of China. He saw the success of the four economic zones and began to expand them. Thus more and more foreign investment came and China’s economy was improving. It is worth mentioning here that this is same China that when the United States was stepping into space in the 1960s, the biggest challenge for the Chinese government in those days was how to manage food for its one billion people.

As a result of 9/11, the United States, along with its allies, came to the border with China, but China did not become restless. It did not challenge the US presence in its neighborhood at all and quietly focused on the economic agenda. Now came the historic year 2008. This is the year that three historic events took place on the world stage.

Number one is that for the first time in America, a black president, Barack Obama, came to power. The second historical event was that the United States, which was humiliated in Afghanistan and Iraq, suddenly faced the worst financial crisis. The third historic and most important event was the Olympics in China that year. Not only thousands of athletes participated in the competition but also millions of spectators and business companies came in China.

Thus, sports tourists returned with pleasant memories of the China about which the West had made negative propaganda. The world witnessed a strange trend that year. The year was going to be a major setback for the United States, but it was becoming the most important opportunity for China to develop.

Taking full advantage of the successful Olympics, China opened its doors to foreign investment. This was the period when the people of the West were advised to “outsource” by one of their economists. Large companies from the United States and Europe began to move to China in pursuit of the dream of outsourcing to get rid of expensive Western labor and take advantage of cheap Chinese labor.

On the other hand, the factories they closed in the United States were bought by the Chinese. Soon the US markets were flooded with Chinese products. Consumers began to buy cheap Chinese products instead of expensive American products. The most advanced country in science and technology was now in need of China for face masks.

Thus, Donald Trump enforced law and forced American companies to make masks and ventilators. Now the scene was that America was failing to deal with pandemic while China extended its support against coronavirus to different countries of the world including Italy and Spain.

Thus, in today’s history, where the United States is suffering from internal turmoil, the centenary celebrations of the Communist Party are going on in China.

The United States and its allies have been trying to enslave Western culture and order around the world since World War II. In our country, our “Desi” liberals do the same. Joe Biden is preparing for a major naval exercise with his allies in the South China Sea, taking Trump’s aggressive policy toward China to new heights.

But instead of being intimidated, China gave a befitting reply to the United States three days ago. Chinese Foreign Minister said, “If the United States has not yet learned to deal with other countries on an equal footing, then China is ready to teach it a lesson.”

The gist of this peace was that the better system that humanity was trying to find for thousands of years has been discovered with the fall of communism. Liberal democracy will now be the last and final system of humanity.

We also have some Liberal people who attend Nationalist meetings. That is, these idiots do not even know that liberalism and nationalism are two contradictory things. They will be willing to face Beijing again, but their misfortune is that the Chinese do not raise hired ponies!