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Famous Indian ‘Vada Pav’ is the tastiest street food in Karachi

Famous Indian fast food ‘Vada Pav’ has become Karachi’s popular street food and why it shouldn’t? Who wouldn’t want to devour this deep-fried dish?

Wrapped in a fluffy pav with the choicest spices, vada pav is best enjoyed when it’s piping hot. Located at the ‘Heart of Karachi’ Kharadar, famous hotspot named ‘Mumbai Pav Bhaji’ serves the staple street food of special vada pav.

This stall has been making and serving the best vada pav for a year now. But over a year, the joint’s vada pav being served here become a popular rage, that it has become a popular cart in Kharadar. 

Being sold at only Rs. 40 per plate, this vada pav has a specialty of being served with harimirch. Don’t be afraid! These mirchis are no ordinary spices; induced with joint’s own flavorings and seasoning, the special mirchi served with vada pav does wonder to your mouth and forever holds a special place in your heart! 

The joint serves their delicious vada pav with a unique chutney which is made from a secret recipe. The joint’s vada recipe is completely traditional in nature, which only makes food lovers want to keep coming back for more.

Besides their vada pav, the joint serves pav bhaji as well. Keep that in mind that it’s one of the very few vada pav stalls that make a variety of vada pavs.