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By speaking out for Palestinians’ equal rights, I’m never condoning violence: Bella Hadid

After circulating rumours of famous model Bella Hadid losing two major contracts because of her support for Palestine, the model has released a statement on her stance on the Israel-Palestine issue. 

The model took to Instagram story and wrote, “Anti-Semitic people who are using the pro-Palestine movement as an excuse to be violent or hateful towards Jewish people should be ashamed of themselves,” she posted.

“Their actions are hypocritical to the real message behind Free Palestine. I have said this before and I want to make it clear again: By speaking out for the equal rights of Palestinian people, I am never condoning violence or hate against the Jewish community,” she further wrote.

“It is unacceptable especially in the name of another marginalized group. Everyone deserves the right to feel safe regardless of their religion, where they are from, or the actions of their government,” she concluded.

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Bella has been at the lead of the matter as she took part in a pro-Palestine protest in New York where she shouted slogans while gripping the Palestinian flag. Since there have been rumours that the model’s contract has been allegedly terminated by two leading fashion brands i.e. Michael Kors and Dior.

In this regard, former adult star Mia Khalifa also came forward and supported Bella Hadid after the rumours and called out Dior for allegedly cutting ties with Bella over her support for Palestine.

Taking to Twitter, she wrote, “If Bella Hadid lost a Dior contract for supporting Palestine and standing against apartheid, then Dior can go burn in Marshall’s,” she tweeted.