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British PM Johnson praises PM Imran’s Ten Billion Trees project

British PM praises PM Imran's Ten Billion Trees project

LONDON: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has lauded Imran Khan for starting the Ten Billion Trees project to tackle climate change.

In his video message on World Environment Day Boris Johnson saluted PM Imran for promising to plant 10 billion trees. He also lauded the efforts to replant the mangroves.

Boris Johnson said, “Plants are so vital to control Co2 emissions however, I cannot promise to plant 10 billion trees in the UK but promised to work together to tackle climate change and to reduce emissions to protect the planet for future generations.”

The British prime minister urged the countries to redouble efforts to control the rise in temperature. He said, “I know everybody is focused on the global epidemic covid-19. it ‘mother nature’s revenge’ upon humanity for failure to keep balance with the natural world,” he added.

Boris Johnson said that climate change is driven once again by human actions and the way people treat the natural world. “We all have to make massive commitments to transform our economy and gaining back the balance with nature,” the British PM said.

It is worth mentioning here reminding the developed countries of their onus in capping the hazardous carbon emissions, Prime Minister Imran Khan today (Saturday) urged the nations to meet responsibilities in tackling climate change impacts.

Addressing a ceremony of World Environment Day 2021 here at the Convention Center, hosted by Pakistan, the Prime Minister said, “Rich countries, which contribute significantly more, have a greater responsibility to provide funds to ones like ours so that we can fight climate change.”

“The countries which contribute the most towards pollution and have the resources should support those trying to combat climate change,” he said, comparing the aid given by the government to the people in Pakistan and in the United States.

He also praised UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres for reiterating the message that the developed world has to take responsibility and help countries that do not have the resources.

PM Imran lamented the fact that in the past, the world did not pay attention to climate change. “Some countries did, but most did not and Pakistan was among them,” he said, adding that the country’s jungles and forests were destroyed, as more and more people took over the land while rivers became polluted.

The Prime Minister also stated that the world had now been given the chance to correct its course. “This is our chance. In these ten years, the world has to correct its course,” he said, adding that humanity would suffer the consequences of ignoring the effects of climate change.

Highlighting Pakistan’s contributions towards combating climate change, the premier said the country was responsible for less than one percent of global carbon emissions. “Despite this, we decided to do whatever we can to fight global warming,” he added.