M Sarwar Siddiqui

M Sarwar Siddiqui

The writer is an editor and senior journalist.

Contributions of Chinese civilization

Today the whole world recognizes the inventions, socio-economic developments and civilization of the Romans and Greeks. However, the cultural and scientific developments of China and Central Asian countries are not acknowledged, because the western countries, intentionally or unintentionally, had neglected

Purposeless life

Every facility in the world, including mansions and cars, was within his reach. Able to fulfill most of his desires, he also had the skill to play with words. Like Homoeopath, he was harmless, people respected him and his circle

Risk still exists

Every major event including Eid-ul-Azha, Muharram and Safar, has passed and now the blessed occasion of Eid Miladun Nabi (S.A.W) has arrived.  By the Grace God, the coronavirus spread has been prevented. The number of patients is declining, but the

Companions in grave

The sanctity or fear of graves is now gone from our hearts. It is a different matter that influential people have taken over cemeteries as booty. The government is also reluctant to pay attention in this regard. Nowadays, the graveyards

Coronavirus and its vaccine

The world is tirelessly trying to develop a vaccine for the novel coronavirus, which has claimed the lives of millions of people around the world. US President Donald Trump says a coronavirus vaccine will hit the market in a few

Set and Upsets

Sometimes Mian Nawaz Sharif tries to captivate hearts by talking well. Recently, in a video-link statement, Nawaz Sharif said, “We have come out of the slavery of the colonisers only to be enslaved by our own. We are not free

Undeclared war

History shows that after the First World War, when the European armies entered the historic city of Damascus in Syria, General Henri Gouraud visited the mausoleum of the great Muslim general Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi, and with great arrogance said, “Salahuddin,

Karachi’s Empress Market – a dream world

The old memories warm you up from inside. Karachi’s Empress Market is also a wonder. The ancient Victorian-style building was mapped in the style of a large market. Built to commemorate Queen Victoria’s golden jubilee in 1887, the site is

Desires can be dangerous

A man asked an intellectual, “What is the definition of corruption?” He replied without hesitation that exceeding from authority is corruption. When we applied this formula, our entire bureaucracy and all our politicians become corrupt. Our religion is against all

Decline of Muslims

Centuries ago, Mongol ruler Halaku Khan besieged Baghdad, which was considered the seat of Muslim learning, prosperity and civilization. The Mongols sacked Baghdad, committing numerous atrocities, looting and destroying mosques, palaces and libraries while the death count cannot be substantiated.

Beyond the stars

World War II was in full swing. The Japanese were fighting a fierce battle. Suddenly, the United States decided to use the atomic bomb for fear of defeat. Some members of the US Congress were shocked to hear this decision,

Coronavirus – a conspiracy

Concerns and suspicions about the coronavirus are growing among the people. The virus, which can be prevented by washing hands with soap, however, no vaccine has yet been invented to treat it. If the virus is too dangerous and cannot

Our future in jeopardy

You may have heard that Earth is known as ‘Blue Planet’ because almost 75 percent of the Earth’s surface is covered with water. However, the remaining surface has deserts, mountains, nullahs, and many other things. Water is a symbol of

Arshad Malik’s Removal – a starting point

Former accountability court judge Arshad Malik was finally fired. Last year, when Maryam Nawaz held a press conference against him, people were bewildered by a series of revelations. After the video of Arshad Malik came to light, chaos took place

A people’s budget

The deadliest outbreak of this century is the coronavirus, which has devastated the world economy. Even the most developed countries have been badly affected by the outbreak. In the current situation, Imran Khan-led government has presented its second budget, which


Some people were against the founder of Pakistan and they expressed their hatred from time to time. However, Pakistan had honoured those people and they are also receiving millions of benefits in this country, but whenever the opportunity arises, the

Foundations of Brotherhood

What is the meaning of Brotherhood? It should be an emotion; a feeling of pain. That takes humanity to a journey of the heavens. The same state of euphoria when you express a few words of sympathy, create a conducive

The bag with hundred holes

The debate was loud everyone was arguing in favor of their favorite politicians and I was leaving a new sparkle that would serve as a burning spice and then watched the spectacle. One of the people said, “Leave, now what