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Beyond the stars

M Sarwar Siddiqui

The writer is an editor and senior journalist.

World War II was in full swing. The Japanese were fighting a fierce battle. Suddenly, the United States decided to use the atomic bomb for fear of defeat. Some members of the US Congress were shocked to hear this decision, however, the majority was in favour of the decision. Of course, humanity would have screamed a lot that day.
The United States dropped its first atomic bomb on the Japanese city of Hiroshima, followed by another on Nagasaki two days later. When the bomb exploded in Hiroshima, the city was struck by a flash of blinding light, then a giant cloud shaped like a mushroom rose into the sky. The blast flattened buildings within a 2.5 km radius of the bomb.
Within the first minute of the attack, hundreds of people died. In the second minute, the entire city was engulfed in fire. In just five minutes, more than 70,000 Japanese were killed. There were 90,000 buildings in Hiroshima before the bomb was dropped, but only 28,000 remained after the explosion. Japan immediately surrendered after the attack.
But the suffering didn’t end there because it wasn’t just a normal bomb. The nuclear radiation released when it exploded caused people to suffer horrible illnesses. Thousands more people died from their injuries and radiation sickness in the weeks, months, and years that followed.
At the sound of a certain bell, everyone sat alert. A grand one-agenda meeting was called. Several government officials, scientists, military officers, economists, social leaders, and politicians were presented in the meeting. The meeting discussed how to take revenge on the greatest war crime committed by the United States?
Various people came on stage and expressed their views and suggestion in this regard. Meanwhile, a young man sought permission from the officials for carrying out violent acts against the anti-Japanese state. After hours of debate, a Japanese general said, “Once again war?”
In this regard, another young Japanese termed that general ‘coward’. The general replied, “I know what you want. If Japan had not been weak, we would never have lost this war.” After this, the young man said that the reason behind our loss was the atom bomb, not weakness.
Later, a philosopher while pointing to the pictures on the walls said that this is the consequence of the war. The debate continued. After a while, A voice echoed. “There is another way to get revenge.” People asked, “What.”
The person said, “”Let’s make our country so powerful that the whole world needs Japan. I think this is the best way to get revenge” He further said that the day is not far when the whole world will be indebted to Japan. “Commit! We will work day and night from now on to build a great, prosperous and powerful Japan,” he added.
From that day, the hard work of the Japanese has become a proverb. They did not even look back. Japan has accomplished so much that no one can even imagine. Japanese claim that there is no house in the world where there is no Made in Japan product. Today, Japan tops the list of standard products. The Japanese sacrificed millions of their compatriots to turn a devastated country into a modern world.
We can do the same. There may be a lack of resources but there isn’t a shortage of human resources. With courage, perseverance, and determination, much can be done for progress and prosperity. Don’t think, do something and show it to the world.
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