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The bag with hundred holes

M Sarwar Siddiqui

The writer is an editor and senior journalist.

The debate was loud everyone was arguing in favor of their favorite politicians and I was leaving a new sparkle that would serve as a burning spice and then watched the spectacle. One of the people said, “Leave, now what is the thing that the opposition is protesting after a year? The other one also admitted that. Nawaz Sharif’s PML-N, Asif Zardari’s People’s Party, Fazal-ur-Rehman’s JUI, and all the regional parties and their leaders of all four provinces are against the government, on the other hand, inflation, unemployment, and increases in tax. Now Imran Khan’s government will be gone. Another person said, “Quiet, Zardari will become angry.” Another person said, “By the way, if the opposition will unite they can give a tough time to the government.” An obese man raised his opinion, “I’m sure about Fazlur Rahman, he is a political shopkeeper.” The whole system is full of flaws, another person said. Another man who involved already in a debate said the name the person who is flawed doesn’t blame the system. All the people were silent.
I often think democracy in Pakistan is probably a family kingdom. 22 relatives of Nawaz Sharif were in the government. The same situation was in Peoples’ Party’s tenure. Civil dictatorship exists in the name of democracy in the country. Probably all the democratic rulers from Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto to Imran Khan love these same traditions. In this case, people are also responsible for the situation who expressed this situation with their tongue but they have made these political parties part of the faith. Whenever someone asks the name of one politician who is not a political shopkeeper everyone hides their faces. Amazing, astonishing, sad and more shameful that our position is empty We don’t even know a single person who can testify that he is a politician and not a political shopkeeper. Unless the majority decides that we have to try to bring democracy into the country whose people are prosperous, change is not possible. The fact is that the current members of the Assembly are not interested in the problems of the common man. They do not even think about the common man. Most politicians are in possession of national resources while the common man is suffering for food. One thing is strange, Sheikh Rasheed, Imran Khan, and Tahir-ul-Qadri are all against the current system and all of them have become part of the system.
Imran Khan will become salt while living in a salt mine. Quaid-e-Azam then Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto now in the form of Imran Khan, the people saw a ray of light that change would come. Imran Khan will prove to be our savior but the roses of hope are drying. It is worth noting that we are so peaceful that we have all the shopkeepers and not single faithful politicians.
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