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Allies turn against United States over Afghanistan fiasco

US government is still justifying the decision to withdraw troops from Afghanistan (Photo: New Yorker, Reuters)

The allies have turned against the United States and condemned the country’s decision of ending its 20-year NATO campaign in Afghanistan resulting in the Taliban taking full control of Afghanistan.

According to details, Britain and Germany, the major allies of the United States, have openly condemned the decision to withdraw troops from Afghanistan. The German Chancellor said that the current situation was dramatic and frightening for Afghanistan as well as Germany.

The British defense secretary condemned the US decision, saying the Taliban’s takeover of Kabul was a failure of the international community. The way the US and the Taliban reached an agreement was a mistake. Afghanistan should not become a hotbed of terrorists again.

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On the other hand, the US government is still justifying the decision to withdraw troops from Afghanistan. State Department spokesman Ned Price said relations with the United States and the new Afghan government would depend on the Taliban’s actions. “We are ready to work with an Afghan government that respects the rights of women and girls,” said a State Department spokesman. 

Earlier, former US President Donald Trump demanded the resignation of US President Joe Biden after the Taliban took over Afghanistan, saying that Joe Biden had adopted bad policies in Afghanistan and allowed the withdrawal of troops.

Former US President Donald Trump said in a statement that it was time for Biden to resign from the US presidency out of embarrassment, while in the past the agreement to withdraw troops from the US was reached under the Trump administration.



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