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Ali Zaidi suggests Karachi needs independent local governance structure

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ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister of Maritime Affairs Ali Zaidi has insisted that Karachi needs an independent form of government like other developed cities.

During an interview, when Ali Zaidi was asked that in past there were speculations that Karachi will be under subordination of Federal Government is that proposal still under consideration?. To which minister replied, I have heard the same but it has not been discussed on any official forum.

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Moreover, minister further stated that, until the decision is made Karachi is part of Sindh. He further asserted that, there were times when Karachi was a capital of Pakistan.

Moreover, according to Ali Zaidi Karachi needs a very independent local governance structure as found in other international cities. Giving an example of world’s major cities including London, New York and Los Angeles the system of government there should be replicated in Karachi too which can solve the issues of this city.

However, he added that Karachi cannot be separated from Sindh and it needs a solution to the problems of its civic amenities which is only possible through independent form of government and if Sindh provides that it will be well and good for them.

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