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Aeronautical engineer is selling ‘Muhabbat Ka Sharbat’ In Karachi

KARACHI: An aeronautical engineer having a degree from China, Abdul Malik is selling ‘Muhabbat ka Sharbat’  in Karachi’s Model Town, due to a lack of employment opportunities in the country.

Malik, who is originally from Karachi, attended school in the United Arab Emirates. He later enrolled in a Chinese University to earn a bachelor’s degree in aeronautical engineering.  Abdul Malik said selling ‘Muhabbat Ka Sharbat’ is their family business, which is going well. 

Detailing his story, Malik said he applied to Beijing University for the aeronautical course and got his degree, but he kept missing his people and friends in Pakistan. 

“I stayed jobless for six months before trying to sell juice. But once I started, it became an instant hit and people started loving it,” he said. “I think my career and future have been destroyed.”

Seeing the ‘Muhabbat ka Sharbat’ being made on YouTube, Abdul Malik also thought of making it. “It tasted great when we made it at home,” he said. The sharbat is being made from milk, watermelon, sugar and ice, while fries are readily available everywhere in Karachi.

Abdul Malik said that we wanted to make some unique changes in the fries, so we introduced a new style of fries called Mohabbat Chronicle Fries. We offer large size love zinger burger at a low price. Juices and fast food are also available.

People who tried ‘Muhabbat ka Sharbat’, Zinger and fires are utterly satisfied with the quantity and quality of the items being offered by Abdul Malik.