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3 mountaineers trapped at Mt Rakaposhi to be airlifted today

Wajid Nagri and two Czech climbers are stranded on Mount Rakaposhi. Source: Twitter.

GILGIT: A team of mountaineers who had scaled the Mount Rakaposhi peak are reportedly stranded while descending from the peak and will be rescued today.

Deputy Commissioner Nagar has requested for a helicopter rescue of Pakistani climber Wajid Ullah Nagri, and two foreign climbers Peter Macek and Jakob Vicek, who are trapped at a height of 6900m while descending from Rakaposhi.

In a letter to Commissioner Gilgit Division. he requested that the climbers should be rescued on an immediate basis through aviation helicopters of the Pakistan Army.

A few days ago, Wajidullah Nagari has become the second mountaineer to have scaled the Rakaposhi peak located near Hunza Valley. Wajidullah performed the adventurous feat on Wednesday evening along with two other mountaineers from the Czech Republic. Wajidullah took a different route to surmount the peak.

Rakaposhi is a mountain of the Karakoram mountain range in the Gilgit-Baltistan. The peak is the 27th highest in the world. Pakistan’s Colonel Sher Khan is the first Pakistani citizen who summited the Rakaposhi mountain in 1979.

Rakaposhi is the only mountain in the world, which has over 5,000 metres of height from the base camp to the top of its summit. In contrast, all other highest mountains of the world have less than 5,000 metres from the base camp to their top.

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