You’re fond of taking U-turns so take your statement back: Amna Ilyas to PM

Pakistani actress Amna Ilyas has expressed utter disappointment over the remarks made by Prime Minister Imran Khan in which he has blamed women’s dress for a rise in rape cases in Pakistan.

It all started when the prime minister, during a question and answer session with the public, was asked what the government is doing about rising sexual violence particularly against children, to which, PM Khan surprisingly advised women to cover up to prevent temptation. The premier had come under fire after he linked “fahashi,” or vulgarity, with the concerning rise in cases of sexual violence, including rape.

PM Khan added, “In any society where vulgarity is prevalent, there are consequences.” However, many celebrities especially female artists disagreed with his comments, Amna Ilyas was one of them. Taking to Instagram, the 33-year-old wrote, “Please explain to cows, dogs, dolphins, cats, and children about how they should not be vulgar,” she said. 

“If you had focused even 50% on the law then there would have definitely been some major change.” While drawing parallels with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and former US President Donald Trump, she further wrote, “I thought you were not insensitive like Modi or Trump that’s why I voted for you.”

“After Jinnah and Bhutto you are the only prime minister that the country listens to. You told the country to watch Ertugrul and they did. You told them to read a certain book and they did. “When will you realise how damaging your statements are?”, the model lamented.

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The model then urged the prime minister to take back his statements. “You like to retract your statements so please I request that you take back this statement otherwise, at least for me, from this day till my last you are not my prime minister.”