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‘Young Rock’ sitcom on Dwayne Johnson’s early life released

ISLAMABAD: Hollywood star Dwayne Johnson was overjoyed as he announced the debut of his sitcom ‘Young Rock’.

Sharing a video on Instagram, the actor captioned it, “The wait is over! TONIGHT is our SEASON PREMIERE of YOUNG ROCK!!!.”

“What a journey it’s been and yes — I was known as little Dewey aka the pretty little boy with an afro that everyone thought was a little girl,” he said.”


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The family sitcom has already started garnering rave reviews with fans gushing praise for the show.  The bio-comedy revolves around his humble beginning that spans over three stages of his early life, as a preteen played by Adrian Groulx, as a teenager played by Bradley Constant, and as a college footballer played by Uli Latukefu.

The sitcom shows the action star running a fictional 2032 presidential race. In an attempt to win his potential voters’ confidence for America’s highest office, he narrates his life story to the reporters.

Dwayne is one of the world’s highest-paid actors and was the most popular wrestler. He received £70million last year but financially uncertain days while growing up. He summed up by saying, “It was incredibly tough growing up.”

He had already lived in thirteen different states before he entered his teenage years as his father had to compete in different places.

He said he had been thrown behind bars eight or nine times before he was 17 for theft, fraud and fighting. Dwayne said he was “a kid who had some anger issues but also thought he was really cool”.