‘Young Rock’ sitcom on Dwayne Johnson’s early life released

ISLAMABAD: Hollywood star Dwayne Johnson was overjoyed as he announced the debut of his sitcom ‘Young Rock’. Sharing a video on Instagram, the actor captioned it, “The wait is over! TONIGHT is our SEASON PREMIERE of YOUNG ROCK!!!.” “What a

‘Friends’ actress rewatching sitcom during self-quarantine

LAS VEGAS: Actress Courteney Cox had said she is revisiting her iconic sitcom series Friends and watching re-runs during her self-quarantine period. The 55-year-old actor, who played Monica across the hit sitcom’s 10 season run, told late-night show host Jimmy

Friends: Rachel, Monica and Phoebe reunite for girls’ night

NEW YORK: Actress Jennifer Aniston has recently united with her Friend’s co-stars Courtney Cox and Lisa Kudrow who played Monica and Pheobe respectively in the famous sitcom. “Hi from the girls across the hall,” Jennifer Aniston took to Instagram to