Yemen rebels threaten to strike Dubai and Abu Dhabi

ADEN: Yemen’s Iran-backed Houthi rebels on Wednesday threatened to attack multiple targets in the United Arab Emirates

“We announce… that we have dozens of targets in the UAE, among them Abu Dhabi and Dubai, and that they can be targeted at any moment,” Huthi military spokesman Brigadier Yahya Saree said.

The Arab Emirates is part of the Saudi-led coalition party fighting the Houthis in Yemen in an intractable five-year conflict that has destroyed the country.

“If you want peace and security for your facilities and towers made of glass that cannot withstand one drone, then leave Yemen alone,” the rebel spokesman said.

The Houthis have threatened the UAE in the past and claimed strikes that were never confirmed by the Emirati authorities.

This week, the militia said it carried out devastating attacks on Saudi oil plants that took out half the kingdom’s production, although Washington and Riyadh have roundly rejected the claim and blamed Iran instead.

“Despite Iran s efforts to make it appear so,” they did not originate from Yemen, Maliki said, adding that they struck from a northerly direction that ruled out its southern neighbor as a source.

“To the Emirati regime, we say that just one operation will cost you a lot,” Saree said.

“You will regret it if your leadership decides to issue instructions to its armed forces to launch any response in the coming days or weeks.”

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