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Woman declared dead by Multan hospital found alive

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MULTAN: A woman comes ‘back to life’ at the Nishtar Hospital where she was pronounced dead by a paramedic.

According to reports, the woman, who was brought to the hospital for a gunshot wound after getting caught in the crossfire, was declared dead. She is being provided proper treatment at the hospital for her injuries after spending one night ‘dead’.

On the other hand, an investigation is being conducted over being declared dead by accident or if she has really returned to life as in a rare situation called Near Death Experience (NDE) where people, for all intents and purposes, die but return to life.

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Nishtar Hospital Emergency Director Dr. Amjad Chandio claims the woman was not pronounced dead in the emergency room, but a death certificate was issued by the hospital. It is being investigated whether a blunder was committed and if yes then by whom.


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