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Police locate minor boy driving SUV in Multan, vehicle confiscated

MULTAN: The father of a minor boy, who was spotted driving a SUV in a viral video, has surrendered to the police along with the child.

The video went viral on social media three days ago showing the child precariously driving the black Land Cruiser on a busy road in Multan. Police were searching for the minor boy and had formed two teams to locate the child and his parents.

The father and his son, who live on the city’s Bosan Road, came to a police station on Thursday. The underage driver has been identified as six-year-old Fahad. His father, Mazhar Abbas, told police that his son had driven away in his absence.

The vehicle was confiscated and the father was booked under the Motor Vehicles Ordinance. The man and his son were allowed to go home after submitting surety bonds and taking a minor fine of Rs1,000.

The minor boy can be seen driving a Land Cruiser on Bosan Road, Multan’s busiest road. The child was not stopped despite the presence of a number of wardens and police checkpoints along the way.

The underage driver can be seen standing on the floor of the car to reach peddles and to be able to see the road. The video went viral over the negligence and threat to people’s lives.