WHO warns Pakistan of alarming rise in COVID-19

GENEVA: The World Health Organisation’s (WHO) Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) has warned Pakistan about the alarming increase in COVID-19 cases.
In a situational report for COVID-19 in Pakistan, Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs highlighted Punjab as the most affected province with 11,093 reported cases, followed by Sindh with 10,771 cases.
The report underscored, “In terms of population of one million, the highest number of cases are reported in Islamabad and most of the tests are conducted in the federal capital.”
Earlier, The World Health Organisation (WHO) had warned that the number of estimated coronavirus cases in Pakistan can rise to an estimated 200,000 by mid-July if “effective interventions” are not taken.
This was stated by Dr Tedros Adhanom, Director-General WHO at the launch of the Pakistan National Strategic Preparedness and Response Plan virtual conference.
He said the COVID-19 has already spread globally, upending health systems and economies, and placing lives and livelihoods at risk.
Pakistan’s COVID19 Response Plan is a joint strategy of the Government of Pakistan, the United Nations and other global partners.
Without effective interventions, there could be an estimated 200K+ cases by mid-July. The impacts on the economy could be devastating, doubling the number of people living in poverty.
“We must act in solidarity, with a coherent, coordinated approach,” Dr Tedros was quoted as saying. 
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