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Who leaked Aamir Liaquat’s video?

Obscene video of Aamir Liaquat Hussain leaked

KARACHI: An obscene video of former Member of National Assembly (MNA) and TV host Aamir Liaquat Hussain has been leaked on social media.

Reports have suggested that the video was reportedly leaked and recorded by his third wife Syeda Dania Shah. The former minister can be seen nude in the video, however, Aamir Liaquat has not responded to the video yet.

Last week, Aamir Liaquat’s third wife Syeda Dania Shah said she has approached a court for separation from former the PTI MNA. She took to her Instagram stories on Saturday to announce the news.

In her application, she accused Liaquat of forcing her to make adult videos to “send to people abroad” and locking her up for five days if she refused to do it. She also said he “forced her to appear before non-mehram men”. She also accused him of being impotent and consuming drugs.

In an interview with local news channel, Shah said, “He (Liaquat) was very cruel. He would lock me in the room for four days straight. He wouldn’t give food to me on time and would keep me up all night long. I’m a child, I’m not even old enough.”

“He would humiliate me. He would bring every single matter to me, be it the maids or even the media, anything he disliked, he would misbehave with me. He used to push me around and even threatened that he would shoot me. He even tried to strangle me,” she added.

A few weeks ago, Shah and Liaquat had denied rumours of a divorce by sharing a video of Shah addressing the rumours. The video has since been deleted.

Liaquat, 49, and Shah, 18, got married in Feb this year. The news broke less than 24 hours after Syeda Tuba Anwar announced her divorce from Liaquat.


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