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What happens in online Quran classes?

What happens in online Quran classes?

Ever since online Quran classes have become popular, “love for Nasalization (Ghunna with the letters Noon)” has also been introduced in the chapter on love.

To understand the love for Nasalization (Ghunna), three things must be kept in mind. Firstly, 95 per cent of the online Quran classes are conducted by such Qaris – who are based in Pakistan, while their students are residing abroad.

Secondly, the majority of Pakistani liberals do not know what a liberal is by definition. The majority here called themselves liberals only to express their open-mindedness and if there is any debate in the context of liberalism then such people without thinking will sided with atheists.

This type of liberals on social media has been dubbed the “Desi Liberals”. Such people called themselves liberals because “they are just bored or irritated of Maulanas”. True liberals, on the other hand, are not only disgusted with mullahs but also fundamentally disgusted with religion.

The first type of liberals is common in our country while the second type is very limited. Thirdly, children are independent in the West. Parents have limited rights to control them. In west, when one’s father tried to be rude with his children, the police interfere.

Let’s talk about love for Nasalization (Ghunna with the letters Noon). At home, people hire “female teachers” for teaching Quran to older girls. But when the idea of online Quran classes came up, families living abroad started teaching the Quran to older girls from Qari Sahib thinking that the person is sitting thousands of miles away, hence there is no “danger”.

What they don’t know is that this “Ghunna” is a very cruel thing. What happens is that if Qari Sahib is teaching a young girl to use “Ghunna”, the attraction of female “Ghunna” keeps Qari Sahib stuck on it. God forbid, I even know a Qari Sahib who was recently beaten by his two wives who came to his marriage with the help of “Ghunna”.

The most beautiful aspect of this love of Ghunna is that these readers are selectively fixing Ghunna for the daughters of desi liberals. And when the fire of love ignites, the girl informs her parents that she had practiced to pronounce “Ghunna” and now wants to marry Qai Sahab

Later, the girl’s liberal parents refused to accept her demand. To this, the girl reminded the parents that they are liberals. Then the father replies, “Absolutely! Son of course! We are liberals, a mullah cannot be the son-in-law of this house!” The girl smiles and says that liberal means you can’t impose your will on me. I have the authority to make my own decisions!

If the liberal father persists, the girl then threatens to report to the police, using Western society’s weapon of mass destruction for the family structure. I am a strong supporter of this “Ghunna love” that with its help we are creating bonds between “rights” and “Lefts”.

I have also read in local and foreign literature that love is not done but it happens automatically. Look at the innumerable forms of love in literature, movies and dramas all over the world, but know for sure that nature loves this “Gunna” love and such a love compels the imagination to grow rich in loneliness!

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