US-Iran spat hits the nation’s space program

Trump threatens to hit 52 sites in Iran, if it targets American bases

Washington: The United States on Tuesday imposed sanctions on Iran’s space program, saying that an ongoing explosion on a launch pad was an indication of missile work.

“The United States won’t allow Iran to utilize its space launch program as spread to propel its ballistic missile programs,” Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said in an announcement. 

“Iran’s August 29 endeavor to initiate a space launch vehicle underscores the desperation of the risk,” he said. 

Pompeo said that the United States was forced sanctions on the Iran Space Agency just as two subsidiary research focuses. 

Compelled, all US natives or inhabitants would be considered criminal in charge of collaborating with Iran’s space program. 

“These assignments should fill in as a warning to the global academic network that working together with Iran’s space program could add to Tehran’s capacity to build up an atomic weapon conveyance framework. 

President Donald Trump on Friday tweeted a high-goals picture indicating harm at a satellite launch pad and said the United States had nothing to do with it. 

The tweet assembled wide consideration for Trump’s disavowal as well as because of the theory the president was taking to his preferred medium to indicate US insight that was likely arranged. 

While Trump concentrated on denying a job with the United States — which has generally been accounted for to have utilized furtive intends to slow down Iranian military advancement — Pompeo said that the launch demonstrated a danger from Iran. 

Iranian Stance

Iran rejects the accusations. Iranian government representative Ali Rabiei on Monday affirmed an explosion at a satellite launch pad in the north of the nation and accused a specialized issue. Iran has launched several satellites in the past decades.

The sanctions are part of US campaign of exerting maximum pressure over Iran to force the country to be back on the table discussing the Iranian missile program, said Ali Rabiei. 

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