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Those who go beyond hard work and dedication in showbiz do not get a legitimate place, Irfan Motiwala

Irfan Motiwala says that I adapt myself to all kinds of characters (Photo MM News)

It is considered normal to laugh at laughing faces but the task of making people laugh is difficult. Nature has endowed the Pakistan showbiz industry with versatile actors where artists who spread happiness on people’s faces with their unconventional acting are ruling millions of hearts with their talents.

Irfan Motiwala is one actor who not only proved his mettle with his lively acting and high character but is also considered as one of the best personalities in the showbiz industry. MM News arranged a special meeting with Irfan Motiwala.

MM News: What’s the secret to your fitness? 

Irfan Motiwala: I do not make any special arrangements for fitness, but in any case, I thank Allah Almighty and I am not jealous or envious of anyone, I always try to be happy, then agility comes automatically. 

MM News: What is your opinion about true love and today’s love?

Irfan Motiwala: Love is a beautiful emotion and after marriage, there can be true love for the wife which should be. The meaning of love has changed in modern times. In the past, people used to make a lot of efforts to talk to their beloved, and today everything has become easier through social media. That is why relationships have become weak.

MM News: What is one character you have enjoyed playing?

Irfan Motiwala: I played the role of a peon who was very strong, I forbade him for this role in the beginning but the playwright said that this role is written for you and when I read the script it was very good. It felt good to play the role. There were mostly new faces in the drama. It was fun to work with them and also got a chance to learn.

MM News: TikTok is considered very bad, what is your opinion about it?

Irfan Motiwala: I used to think TikTok was bad but when I worked with tikTokers, I realized that the app is a source of entertainment for those who don’t watch TV.

MM News: Can TikTok replace professional artists with fame?

Irfan Motiwala: Once it happened that when I arrived at the shooting of a project, there was a crowd of people outside the make-up room, so I thought they were my fans, but they were fans of TikTokers. In fact, for those who don’t watch TV, TikTokers are the stars and they have made a name for themselves. TikTokers know how to connect with people. 

MM News: Do you like to make your own TikTok?

Irfan Motiwala: During the project with TikTok, I also started making TikTok videos, so my fan following increased, and those who didn’t watch TV and didn’t know me also started to know me. From this, I learned that before criticizing anything you must get complete information about it.

MM News: Despite your remarkable career, you still can’t get to where you should be?

Irfan Motiwala: In every department, people have a mindset. Even when they see you coming from the bottom up, your early days are still spinning in their minds and they are reluctant to give you a new status. That is why those who go beyond hard work and dedication often do not get their rightful place. 

MM News: How interested are you in politics? Which political party would you like to join?

Irfan Motiwala: I am interested in politics to some extent but I have no intention of going into politics personally and I think the artist should stay away from politics as it divides your fans.

MM News: Which type of characters do you prefer, personally comedic or serious?

Irfan Motiwala: I adapt myself to all kinds of situations, worked in both comedy and serious roles. In both cases, I worked with the character in mind and had fun.

MM News: Why didn’t you get remarried after your wife’s death?

Irfan Motiwala: My children and friends want me to get married again but I do not intend to get married because if I get remarried then maybe my relationship with my children will be less. My friends tried hard but I can’t believe it.  

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