This is my country

Albert Arooj Bhatti

These days, the political temperature in Pakistan is once again rising and and politicians are seen warming the blood of voters with tall claims and promises. There is a strange tradition in Pakistan that political parties asks for votes by blaming others instead of showcasing their performance and interestingly, people also become fools.

Ahead of the AJK elections, I want to share some interesting facts of polls in Pakistan. A Pakistani politician can contest elections from two or more constituencies at the same time, but a Pakistani citizen cannot vote in two constituencies, this is my country.

A person who is in jail cannot vote but a jailed Pakistani politician can contest elections, a person who has ever been in jail can never get a government job but a Pakistani politician can become Prime Minister, MPA, or MNA no matter how many times he had been jailed.

If you want to get job in a bank, you must be a graduate, but a Pakistani politician can become a finance minister, even if he is illiterate. This is the virtue of my country. Even if a politician’s entire family has never been to school, there is no law that can stop him from becoming Minister of Education in Pakistan. Even though thousands of cases are pending against a Pakistani politician, he can become the Home Minister and head of all law enforcement agencies.

In Pakistan, mostly political leadership belongs to the background of feudal society. This is the typical South Asian politics where feudal leaders are most respected. The elected leaders have acted or performed as role of dictators. Lack of leadership is the real problem in Pakistan.

To become a politician in Pakistan, you don’t need education, qualifications, skills and good manners. You just want money or the support of the community. And you will not be asked about the performance, this is my country. During their election campaigns, political parties asked for votes by offering health cards, development projects and jobs, but there is no party that would appeal for votes based on their performance.

It is not the fault of the political parties here. In our country, votes are wasted sometimes on baseless slogans or sometimes on a plate of biryani. It is our fault that we vote for thieves and looters in the hope that they may alleviate our problems but it does not happen.

Politics in Pakistan is like an orbital game. No criminal can do government job here but the biggest culprit can become a minister, advisor and make decisions for the nation. If we make a little effort and use our brains, we will understand the forgery of these corrupt people and can save our future from being ruined by fraudsters.