The state is our mother

Albert Arooj Bhatti

The tender love and affection that a mother provides has no comparison. Whether you are a soft-hearted person or a wicked man, a hardened criminal or an innocent soul, your mother will still show her pure and unconditional love. A mother will make all sacrifices to ensure that their children have all the comfort and are strong enough to bear the hardships of life. Maybe, it is due to this relationship that religion has stated that paradise lies beneath the feet of the mother. The state is also considered as a mother which is responsible for our welfare and provision of necessities.
Nowadays, the novel coronavirus has ravaged the world and even developed nations are now helpless. Under the current circumstances, the condition in Pakistan is like the mother who faces the world but also ensures to provide the better for her own children. The state i.e. mothers of developed countries are very powerful because its citizens i.e. children are not disobedient.
People give a portion of their income to the mother (read state) and the entire household runs smoothly. It is our national duty as a law-abiding citizen to pay due taxes and in return receive social welfare benefits and other basic human rights. In the developed world, people consider it their foremost responsibility to the state to pay their taxes and receive the benefits they deserve. While in Pakistan, the mother state has remained weak ever since independence seven decades ago. This is because the children hide their earnings from their own mother which weakens her even more.
Often the mother state faces even more hardships, from earthquakes to flooding and other disasters, weakening her from the very core. The mother emerges unscathed to care for her own children despite all adversities and provide health, education and other facilities. Such is the exalted stature and sacrifice of the mother state.
Nowadays, there is a strict lockdown against the coronavirus crisis and trade and business activities are suspended. In the developed world, no one is worried about food shortages because the mother state is strong and can provide for the children in these conditions. Our mother state is weak because the rulers are concerned about themselves and even want to steal from their own mother. The people only care about filling up their own pockets and deprive their mother of her rightful share. Only if the state would act against disobedient children, every one of them would be on the right track.
While being a disaster, the coronavirus has also provided us a valuable lesson. If the mother state was strong then the citizens would be suffering due to the lockdown. The state being the mother is making all necessary precautions and providing facilities during the current situation. We are disobedient children who are stealing the morsel from own brother. This is not the time to embarrass the mother state but rather to step forward and strengthen her so that no one can point fingers that mother is weak.
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