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Man kills brother over dispute on pigeon flying

HAFIZABAD: A man killed his elder brother after a dispute over flying pigeons and then surrendered himself before the police. The incident occurred in the rural area of Dahran Wali near Hafizabad where two brothers scuffled over a dispute over

Brother rapes teenage sister thrice, kills and burns body

NAWAB SHAH: In yet another horrific incident, a brother raped his teenage sister three times before killing her and then burned her body in a field. The heart-wrenching incident occurred on November 14 in Mir Hasan village of district Nawabshah

Ahsan Iqbal’s brother Mustafa Kamal seeks pre-arrest bail

ISLAMABAD: The brother of former interior minister Ahsan Iqbal on Tuesday filed a pre-arrest bail plea as the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) included him in an investigation involving the beautification of the Rawalpindi / Islamabad Metro Bus line. On January