Social issues and media

Albert Arooj Bhatti

Circumstantial tracking is also a basic human desire, and far beyond all the media sources, television is the easiest source. It takes a few seconds for news to go public on television. In Pakistan, there are a plethora of private TV channels, and each channel is just in the running to take the top. Confirmation of news in civilized societies depends on research, and after find the real facts, its effects and implications are taken into account.

I remember while working in a well-known newspaper as a sub-editor, the news editor often said a phrase, “Brother, remove poison from the news.” It was not intended to change the angle of the news; the aim was merely to provide information to the public and not spread violence.

I am delighted after seeing the growth of media, buy at the same time media channels have surpassed the true journalistic values in the race. The manner in which the news of the coronavirus was made on our news channels was shameful. The outbreak in Pakistan could have been presented as news, but the media presented it as if a resurrection had come from God. Each news channel was exacerbating the issue in a more horrifying way than the other. The aim of the media is to spread the news to the public, but what is happening with the news in our country is very shameful. The reason is that we use everything just to increase the rating. Whether it is coronavirus or the young man’s marriage, a divorce case or any other issue, our media simply makes a unilateral decision without knowing the facts. The private drama productions are producing such dramas in Pakistan nowadays with such topics that the devil himself should be ashamed that I have never thought of this evil that has been attributed to me.

In each drama, sensationalized stories of masculine conspiracies, scandals, divorces, suicides are being staged, which in no way reflects Pakistani society. Some time ago we used to criticize that Indian dramas are causing deterioration in our society. But if you watch any Pakistan drama today, you will not see the image of Pakistani society. Stories, costumes, and dialogues are so unworthy that you can hardly sit and watch with family. A self-styled number one channel with everything being declared number one is broadcasting an Indian reality show Big Boss-like drama in which all norms of morality have been blown up but PEMRA had not been conscious yet.

It is common in Pakistan media that if any action is taken against your will, the freedom of the media is at stake. The media should have the freedom to inform the masses, but the purpose of media freedom is not to present anything that may cause fear or provocation to the masses. Full confirmation of the news, its positive affinity and its impact on the public should be presented. But just in the race for rating, we present the facts with own spices. In the same way, dramas should be presented to reform society and cover the real issues of society. Only making dramas based on specific mindset can people become mentally ill.

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