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Seminary cordoned off to prevent Maulana Aziz from visiting Lal Masjid

KARACHI: Police have cordoned off Jamia Hafsa since the past six days to prevent former Lal Masjid cleric Maulana Abdul Aziz from leaving the seminary.
A large contingent of Police, local authorities, and intelligence officers have been deployed outside the seminary located in Sector G-7 of the federal capital as the situation has been deteriorating.
Maulana Aziz and his family moved to Jamia Hafsa from Lal Masjid in June after reaching an agreement with the administration under which he was banned from entering the mosque for two months.
In a message, Maulana Abdul Aziz said the police were worsening the situation and violating the agreement, while they are living peacefully but are being cordoned off after every few days. He said the students are facing immense difficulties and food shortages at the seminary.
He said the agreement reached with the administration that Jamia Hafsa seminary will be rebuilt, outstanding utility bills, teachers’ salaries, and diyat will be paid is not being implemented. Under the agreement, he said the seminary will not be cordoned but this is not being done.
He said they are being prevented from visiting the Jamia Faridia and their rights are being usurped by those claiming to establish a state of Madinnah. He said they have not made any illegal or un-Islamic demands and there is no justification for the government to stop them.
He said they are been prevented from raising their voice to the public and the media was stopped from coverage. He added that they have no option left in the current situation and can go to any extent if the cordon is not being lifted.
Maulana Abdul Aziz had recently announced he would return to Lal Masjid as the capital administration had violated the agreement made with them.
A heavy police contingent consisting of 150 officials, including Counter-Terrorism Department, Anti-Terrorism Force and Anti-Riot Unit personnel, were deployed around the G-7 seminary to prevent him from leaving.
On July 7, Maulana Aziz and his family students moved into Jamia Fareedia, stoking tensions with the seminary administration. He returned to Jamia Hafsa after two days after several scholars assured to resolve the issue.
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